"Jodi-Lynn acknowledges the fact that she was blessed at a young age with many abilities in order to help people heal, whether due to grief, guilt or life's struggles in general. 
Many people have referred to her sessions, as simply "Life changing" from closure & clarity, to validation & peace over the past years.

 In addition to her many gifts she has shared with thousands over the years, she is also called upon for her other fields of Education and Healing such as a Certified Coaching for Life, Spiritual & Personal Empowerment, Meditation Specialist and Minister. She has devoted her life to helping others find peace and comfort in their daily lives and uses her many gifts to aid in the grief and bereavement process by communicating with loved ones who have passed away. She has worked closely with many hospice organizations and therapists throughout the years in addition to missing persons, police investigations and has aided in helping some "unanswered questions" in events of the past. Jodi-Lynn handles all of her clients with an open heart, respect and complete professionalism as if each and every person were her own family member. She has helped many along their spiritual journey, on all aspects and feels that everyone's journey is part of her own. She has been tested and acknowledged as a high caliber Psychic Medium , who has shown additional abilities uncategorized by many. She also works as an Intuitive Consultant on many levels. Jodi-Lynn has become known for the clear ,undeniable information she receives and presents from Spirit, both in human and animal form, to bring one validation and comfort of life after death. She has become somewhat of a household name in the circuit of evidentual "Psychic Mediums" within New England and surrounding area's. She has also been blessed with the ability to work throughout the United States as well as Internationally via phone/Skype.
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