What's the difference between Psychic & A Medium?
What is a Psychic Medium?

Not many people understand that a "Psychic" and a "Medium" are actually two seperate things. You can have a psychic that is not a Medium, a Medium, who is not a psychic OR you can actually be both.
"Psychic" is a person who has the ability to sense issues and emotions of the past, of the present and also can forsee certain situations that may come into light in the future. Psychics have the ability to "See" therefore we are called "See-ers." This in itself is a gift and can help many in current life situations. A Psychic is intuned with the energy and vibrations around them. The messages they receive are based on their intuition, senses and not neccassarily direct communication with Spirit or Angels. The term Psychic, comes with a lot of ridicule it seems. However, we ALL have this ability as being human. Psychics can utilize their ability through many various forms of Divination such as Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, Astrology and more.but is often mistaken for Mediumship. I feel it is very important that people know that the two are very different, yet very beneficial to many.

"Medium", is a person who can connect and communicate with those in Spirit. A true Medium has the ability to  bring forth undeniable proof of those lost -such as emotions, memories, personality traits and more. A Medium should present you with evidentual information that you and your family can connect to to close the gap between Heaven and Earth. 
There are also two types of Mediums as well. You have a Medium, who works mainly with receiving information via the mind, and you also have Mediums who can physically feel what Spirit may have felt during a lifetimes, an incident, a passing and so forth. Mediums utilize many abilites to open themselves up communication with Spirit. We work as a team.  Spirit typically has so much to say and they often eager to communicate with their loved ones just as much as we are eager to communicate with them. These abilities or "Gifts"  I like to call them,  may consist of a combination of the following, or all to which I have blessed to possess as well as being Psychic -  
Clairaudience- This is the ability to hear those in Spirit. I am blessed to actually hear their voice outside of my own body not just within my own thoughts.
Clairvoyance- The ability to see Spirit or the images they wish for me to presnt to you. Typically this is done telepathically, however, I also have the ability of what they call "Traveling Clairvoyance", also called "remote viweing" which is said to be a rare gift as well where Spirit and I will travel together and see through my minds eye. This is a wonderful experience for many of my clients as sometimes Spirit will "take" us to your home, an event or another location, giving you undeniable validation they are still with us. I have used this ability many times during the years in missing persons, missing pets and with police or family members seeking information on situations.. This is NOT  just for those in Spirit, but it can be useful to the living as well.

  Clairsentience is the ability to sense or feel information from Spirit. We can sense the height, size and stature of someone as well as certain odors or scents that one can relate too. 
Claircognizance is the ability of clear thinking or "Just Knowing" without being prompted whether it pertains to the past, present or future.
    Automatic Writing is when Spirit presents me with information through the use of a pen. I have found myself writing letters from those who have crossed to family members, songs, poetry and such. I also have the tendance to "Doodle" during my sessions that have now become quite popular and part of the session. I am constantly being asked if they can take a picture of my "Doodle" as sometimes additional information is present.
Trance Mediumship is when a Medium shares consciousness with Spirit. Again, we work together as a team. I never completely surrender my consciousness with Spirit, but I share it and it will sometimes make it so I don't quite remeber what is said during a session. It is said that this type of Mediumship takes years to develop, however, I am blessed to have this ability given to me quite easilly early on.
Channeling is when A Medium allows Spirit to completely take over the conscious and the physical. My face, and my voice has been noted or recorded as completly changing from mine, to the person in Spirit. This has been useful to many over the years in such situations where I was called in to channel the Spirit of a woman who had been murdered. She was able to allow us to "re-enact" the circumstances, including names, faces and so on. I have also been called on to carry the Spirit of an infant in a house who was searching for his mother. There are actaul photographs of me - leaving the house, appearing 9 months pregnant, differant face, returning the Spirit of the child to the cemetary where his mother was buried. Thus "ending a century year old haunting" so I was told by the curator of this infamous location.

"Jodi-Lynn acknowledges the fact that she was blessed at a young age with many abilities to help people heal, whether due to grief, guilt or life's struggles in general. 

Many people have referred to her sessions, as simply "Life changing" from closure & clarity, to validation & peace over the past 10 years. Her abilities have been tested and she has been acknowledged as a "High Caliber" Medium and she has used her gifts to help thousands re-connect with those in Spirit."

Jodi-Lynn utilizes all of her abilities to each and every client, with the same professionalism, respect and warmth - as if each were her own family member. She has become known throughout New England and surrounding area's for her evidentual Mediumship sessions as well as State wide and International via Skype/Phone

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