"Thank you SO MUCH for my reading today - you touched on so many things that I have been feeling/going through, and I feel like a little bit of weight has been lifted."
"I loved my reading and think you have a special giftt. I have already been recommending you to my friends who have been wanting a reading but hesitant on going."
"You are remarkable - another validation."
"She did my reading, all 800 miles away from each other, withOUT any interaction/​prompting from me at all!! I was VERY impressed! She was right on!!!! AMAZED at how detailed & accurate she was!! There was no way she couldve known the things she stated in the reading!! Very comforting knowing my loved ones who passed are not so far away after all!!"
"I just got a reading from Jodi, and I was stunned to hear the things she said.......I'm having a hard time putting into words how AMAZING she is with this ability she has. Get a reading from Jodi-----you will truly be glad you did."
Thanks again for the reading you gave me, it was absolutely amazing, even at a distance of 1250 miles.... VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
"I want to thank you again Jodi. I am amazed at your gift and awed by your accuracy. ♥"

" I  have a webcast known as paranalysis, im the founder of oracle paranormal research society. and on the show the topic was brought up about card readings and physic involvement now im not a physic but my equipment is is my most famous quote but im not an armchair skeptic, i will try anything and do my best to debunk rebunk and try to figure things out...well to satisfy the curiosity of the fans i went and this was my first encounter with this end of the paranormal so you can say i was quite skeptical at first but the reading was amazing! ....like in the 97% range and my 3 reading was even more incredible...~ Greg Best, Founder

"how amazing you are ~ You made all my dreams come true in a half hour that's all I ever wanted in 11 years just one more chance to hear from him. thank you so so much!!!!!"

"I have since sat with her twice. The girl pretty much blew my mind."
"We just had Jodi come and go through our house. We learned so much from her visit!! It really explained things that we had noticed in the 23 years we have been living in this old house. Jodi's abilitiy to connect and "tell the story" was incredible. Watching her work and being a part of the whole process was exciting. We have validated some things and are working at getting information from old documents to validate more of the reading. We are also making positive changes in the house as a result of the communications of the visit. Jodi shares her gift with such an open heart and with great humor. It was an unforgettable experience. I am looking forward to doing more work with Jodi."
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"Hey Jodi :-) That you so much for the reading!! Amazing, everything that you said was 100% on. Thank you  - I can't believe that you got the yellow roses!!!"
"Jodi is amazing. I went to a meditation class and words can’t explain how she made me feel that night. I look forward to going to more events of hers. I 1000% recommend anything she offered..."

" I set up a reading for my mom and grandma as a Mother’s Day gift, and by far this was the most amazing gift I could’ve given. Jodi made me and my family feel comfortable, and welcomed. She hit everything right on the nail! Absolutely shocked and amazed at the gift that she has and shares with the world! She said one thing to us when we were leaving “Your family here, now” and we couldn’t agree more! Until next time Jodi! I HIGHLY recommend going to see Jodi if you need healing or closure or just wanting to hear from a loved one! We love you Jodi, thank you for a reading we will take with us every day!!"
"Jodi was incredible. I left with such peace."
Incredible brief reading. The details and clarity is exceptional. Jodi-lynn has a very special gift. "
" Jodi gives great readings that are very accurate, her connection to the other side is very clear and precise!"
" Simply amazing...thank you Jody-Lynn you brought me closure and what an amazing experience"
" Words cannot describe how GREAT you are, You are truly blessed with a gift from God!!"