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Words of Healing

"Why do you ONLY have gallery groups come to your location?"
The reason why I ask that you, your family and your friends come to my Coventry location is because it is what I consider a "Nuetral" zone. When the information starts to connect, and Spirit communicates - I want you to be assurred that it IS from Spirit indeed. Sometimes people may want to think I saw a picture on a wall, or over heard a conversation. I completely want to remove this feeling as to give you an evening of comfort. Feel free to bring your appetizers and whatever else your guests may enjoy...My home, is your home.....If you are interested in reserving your private gallery- please Contact Us.

​"How come I cannot book an Hour Session?"
Jodi-Lynn takes this gift and her clients wth complete professionlism. She treats everyone as if they were her own family members. Being said, it is also known, that many of her clients receive a substantial and comforting amount of evidentual communication with Spirit, in 30 minutes. Booking an hour session, to her, would be like scheduling a time line with Spirit..and it does not work that way. Spirit decides how long they wish to communicate for, not the other way around and to project as such, would be wrong.

" I would like to book a session for two of us, can we sit together? "
Yes, you may have back to back appointments. You will reserve two time slots below, but you can sit together at the time of the session. 

"Can I record my session?"
Yes, you are encouraged to bring a recording device. Typically recording of sessions are highly discouraged by many in this field, however, Jodi-Lynn feels with so much information coming forward, and sometimes it does not resinate with you immediately: it is beneficial to be able to reflect on what is said in a session. She also has clients who continue to listen to their sessions years after the fact to aid in their healing process. You will be asked to sign a waiver. Please visit our Ethics tab for more information.

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