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Words of Healing

Why should you contact Jodi-Lynn: 
 Jodi-Lynn was given this wonderful gift to share with those who have suffered a loss, the comfort and validation from those who have already crossed over. The majority of  people reaching out to Jodi-Lynn, have been those who are seeking true validation of life after death. Some are deep in grief, others are seeking reassurance that the love is continued. Some clients reach out when they feel as if they are at an "end of their rope" stage or cannot make a choice pertaining to their life and how things are going, what's missing and how can they better their lives in one way or another. Some are seeking answers, closure and others are seeking approval. Irregardless WHY they reach out~ Jodi-Lynn has helped thousands through MANY difficult life twists and turns..each one..with the same amount of love, support, comfort and professionalism.

     No matter what the circumstance is , Jodi-Lynn sees it as her job to give you the information to the best of her ability to help you get clarity and comfort and guidence whether she is called upon for her intuitive abilities or for her Mediumship.. She is not here to tell you what to do, just merely gives you the information as she receives it, and the choice is ultimatly yours to bring about changes to bring about peace, clarity or release in your life. Her gift, is the ability to communicate with Spirit, together- they make a supportive team to guide you, comfort you and help bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth. Our loves one may have left this physical plane, however, Jodi-Lynn's ability to give you the evidentual information that those in Spirit wish to share, has been described as "Simply Life Changing" at times.
       "Like Hospice is for us, they are there to help make our loved one comfortable as they leave and they also help us who are left behind accept the situation. This is what I do only reversed; somewhat like "Spiritual Hospice" in a way. They allow me to help you deal with what's going on and see it in a clearer light. With the help from the loved ones you have lost, whether known in this physical realm or not, they tell you what to pay attention to and give you a chance to make the changes needed in your life. Our loved ones in Spirit continue to be part of our lives, and they continue to want to bring us peace, validation of their continued connection and healing. It is my gift....to bridge this gap and allow communication and healing to begin." ~Jmw

Jodi-Lynn has been blessed with a wide, and unique range of gifts that she utilizes with her clients and
is very honored to have been recognized and her abilities tested for a wonderful organization created mainly to help those in bereavement.  She continuously maintains studies throughout this journey so she may always present the BEST of her abilities. She has studied under the likes of John Holland, and additional studies including John of God and James Van Praugh, as well as keeping herself involved with classes and workshops continuously. Currently, She is in the process of writing a book about her personal experiences throughout the years and also beautiful testimonies collected.
She see's herself only as a "mom" with a special gift to share...and is very honored and blessed to be able to do so for so many throughout the years.  She also owns and operates The Mystics Touch Gift Shop located in Coventry, RI. She puts the same amount of pride into her store. It has quickly become known as "The lil Shop of Tranquility" in our area. 

"From the moment you walk through the door, you just feel at peace". ~ Happy Client(.10/2017)

"It has been established that evidential readings, or sittings as they are also called, can provide a therapeutic benefit to bereaved persons. Conversely, poor-quality readings with lesser mediums or fraudulent persons can derail the healing process for the bereaved. This program is committed to identifying high-caliber mediums capable of furnishing specific, accurate, and pertinent information to sitters." ~ Mark Ireland  

 "I am a local town girl, just a mom who feels blessed that I was given this great insight, and many gifts . I love the feeling of helping others. These experiences have opened my soul in many ways. There is no better feeling than to be able to give someone the comfort and validation they are seeking in what may seem to be their darkest days. Thank you for checking out my site...♥♥♥"
"she did my reading, all 800 miles away from each other, without any interaction/prompting from me at all!! I was VERY impressed! She was right on!!!! AMAZED at how detailed & accurate she was!! There was no way she could have known the things she stated in the reading!! Very comforting knowing my loved ones who passed are not so far away after all!!" ~Kathy 12/2011
Certified Psychic Medium Jodi-Lynn
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