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Words of HealingWords of Healing

* Private In House Gallery ~  Your family and friends are welcome to come to our location for a Private evening with Jodi-Lynn. She will go from person to person in an open forum and pass messages of validation, comfort and guidance to each of you. Please keep in mind each person in attendence will receive Jodi-Lynn's attention and she will use her abilities to work with Spirit for everyone, however, she has does not guarantee who will present for an individual NOR how long they will communicate for. This type of event DOES not give each person 30 minutes. Please contact us if would like additional information or if you would like to book this type of event.
* Events ~ Jodi-Lynn has been invited to do many numerous events through out RI, CT and MA as well as Web galleries Internationally She has been involved in many fundraisers, lectures and more- Each a heartwarming & healing experience.
** Gallery event at the Hearthside House, RI, photoccbcc
What would it be like if your loved one could make you a special gift JUST for you? What special little touches would it contain that only You could relate too? I’ve been doing this for years, but have not offered it to many: Now- it’s available. Bring me a special item belonging to your loved one and I use my gift to create a special gift... FOR YOU, FROM THEM. A gift from heaven.  Please note that this is considerd an "appointment" and scheduling for her to create this beautiful gift is allocated as such. Deposits are required Please contact us for additional information.

*Psychic Intuitive- Lovingly named "Spiritual Butt Kicking" by many of her cients. This session is where Jodi-Lynn connects with Spirit of your loved ones, presents you with brief evidence of their presence, and allows those in Spirit to advise you. In depth session covers both past , present and possible future events. * This is NOT a mediumship appointment
Psychic Mediumship/ Spirit Communication
"1/2 hour of Healing". This Session is where communication is established between those in Spirit and those here on earth. Jodi-Lynn's clear, evidentual messages have helped many people who are dealing with grief, or even those in preparation of their end of life as well. She has also been called upon to communicate on behalf of those who have not crossed, but do not have the ability to "speak" for themselves, such as those in coma's or other situations.
"Pet Communication": Jodi-Lynn has the ability to communicate with Animals in Spirit & she also has the ability to communicate with those with us now. Her communication has helped many through the grief process of a loss, yet, her ability has also been utilized in helping owners in many various situations of all types.
*Psychic Intuitive/Spiritual Empowerment Coaching
Jodi-Lynn will sit with you and give you her Intuitive insight as well as guidance in regards to your journey. This session is called upon for those looking for quick insight, or to clarify certain emotions or blockages. She has been known to remove negative emotions, creating balance and harmony and at times, conducting what some have referred to as "Psychic Surgery"
Meditations & Workshops~ Jodi-Lynn holds many classes & meditations at her Gift Shop location. Proceeds from the majority of her events have always been allocated to help local animal shelters & rescues. Be sure to check out her events on facebook.