WOW!! Forgot I had a blog.. : The Journey~ The tales!
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WOW!! Forgot I had a blog..

by Jodi~Lynn on 09/09/18

With all the technology today - and everyone knows I am not too good at it..I forgot I even had this. Unfortunately, when TECHNOLOGY decided to update my web page.. I lost 7 years worth of testimonies from some pretty amazing people...guess I will start posting lil tidbits here.

I love getting the validations after the fact...the notes always make me smile..
8/2018 "Thanks Jodi! I am Dawn from Missouri. You gave a reading from Brad. It’s was spot on. Thank you! When my Mom’s house sells, I will come to Rhode Island and help her move. (I was born and raised in RI) I will bring you some rocks from Missouri! Thanks again... Dawn from Missouri

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