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The color purple...

by Jodi~Lynn on 02/17/13

In a cyber reading for a friend of mine who has been through so much and is facing more - she ok'd me to allow this testimony to be used..

ME: "Did you get a tottoo for him - he ( meaning her brother who had passed) is showing me your shoulder....Alexis ( her granddaughter who has passed) says - " she loves the purple..purple is happy. She will be there to take uncles hand. ( she is now losing another brother) He will recognize her - she is showing me a care bear - the one with the heart on the chest..?? Dad says - You are strong, always knew this, though he didnt show emotions well. Proud of you - You will pull the family together.."

HER: ""jodi,, you are not going to belive me ,, but richard drew me a purple butterfly for my tatto for my shoulder and step gave me a bear with hearts all over it,, it was alexis bear and NEVAEHAS FAVORT COLOR IS PURPLE"..

This one brought me to tears because I have known this family for a long time - and even though i wasnt real close to them for many years - this sister - out of the blue - called to me..thank god she did ; I am sooo happy to be able to give her some any way! She is as much my angel as she feels I am hers..Love You "D" xoxoxo

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