" So, What is like being you? " they asked... : The Journey~ The tales!
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" So, What is like being you? " they asked...

by Jodi~Lynn on 08/04/13

" well...what its like being you? " I replied with a little giggle. They gave me a loving smile and I continued to explain to them that I am no different than others. The only difference is the fact that I can "tune" in and get flashes,sounds,emotions and words from people who are not physically in front of me. I get it from those who have already left the physical world as we know it. Besides this "ability", I am like everyone else. I have bad days, emotional days etc... People kind of always seem to think that because of the fact that i walk with one foot in the heavens and one foot here, that I am somewhat angelic...I will be the first person to tell you..."ummm..nope!"  I love the fact that I can give people closure,comfort and validation in the time of need, but at the same time, I am unable to speak to my own deceased love ones, nor am I able to see health issues/concerns etc..this protection is for my own good. I was be constantly trying to analyse/heal/avoid my own life experiences and loss like everyone else. I am a firm believer that we are all here to learn something, no matter how painful the experience we have to go through - and this is true for myself as well.  Another question I get all the time is " How can you sleep at night??Don't they drive you crazy?". For me, when I am working, I said my prayers and I ask for protection and I give my thanks and then.. I turn "ON"...when my day is complete, I do the same routine, and then I turn "OFF.". Sometimes, I get a few stubborn energies that just want to stick around and I have to give them an extra push, but most of the time, Spirit is very kind to me and will do as I ask usually. Sometimes they get quite pushy with me and this ONLY happens when it is almost something that cannot be ignored. I do not make it a habit to just walk up to strangers and say " Hi, I'm a medium and so so wants to talk to you.." only because of 2 reasons..one - i am still not really comfortable with the term psychic medium for myself and 2 ) i want to be sure the people are ready to hear what may come out. I don't know if they want to talk to the person coming through. Some Mediums are really comfortable with this and I commend them. Personally, I'm not. Last but not least, the last question I have been hearing is " Are you a witch and is that way you do this? " I wouldn't classify myself as a witch. I don't belong to any certain religion as I see it. I feel close to the earth, wind, water and fire but at the same token, I will go to my little church on Sundays. It all depends on how I am feeling at the moment. I believe faith is within all of us and whatever way you want to connect to it, is all your own. I see myself as a sole practioner who is connected to many things..all at once. The gift I have was given to me, to be used with truth, love and honesty to the best of my ability...Glad to have answered some of the questions you have asked....xoxox?

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