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Shedding some "Light" on the subject...

by Jodi~Lynn on 03/15/19

Good Morning - and what a beautiful morning it is. I just sat outside with my coffee, felt the wind and listened to the birds. So peaceful. Many of you reading my blog, are familiar with the fact that I share the good and the bad with you. Today, I am going to shed some light on the subject that I have had to deal with lately. Seems that lately, people have expectations of WHAT a Psychic Medium is capable of...their own expectations. In the 8 years that I have been doing this, I had my first 2 experirences of a person NOT hearing from WHO they requested, and NOT hearing what they wanted to hear - which in return: to me, a direct "you are horrible and a fake" and also in the middle of an event, a woman standing up, who was not even part of the event: yelling out obscenties during a connection. It is ironic that we that train for platform, are taught how to "prepare" for these situations and how to handle them, but we are also HUMAN. When something like that happens, we DO realize, that it is NOT us, or our abilities, but the person sitting before us. We are shown how to NOT allow the emotions to over take us on a persoanl aspect, and to just continue with our connections. We know that it is not our job to prove, or disprove a situation, a spirit, an emotion - to not allow it to over shadow the job we have been called to do. When a woman started yelling out in a middle of an event, I was not even aware of it happeening as I was connecting with Spirit for another woman. The woman I was speaking to, kept looking over her sholder, as to get my attention to turn. When it did, I kind of was able to "step" back into reality mode a bit and was thrown into this unexpected back lash. The woman who was "heckling" was apparently intoxicated - however - doesnt make it easier. Her words did not upset me, again, not my job to prove anything. I felt horrible for those sitting there, waiting for their messages, or those who were enjoying the peace of the messages they had just received. The "connection" was broken at that point. I was shaken, again, as I am human. The comfort came when those sitting there came up to me and started sharing their validations of what I had just vocalized to them. The haapiness in their hearts, the joyful tears..They asked me to continue with the event as the intoxicated woman was removed. I had a lump in my throat. It was hard for me to again put myself out there. I took a deep breath, looked at all the faces in the audience, and thought to myself..Spirit doesn't waste an emotion, or a thought - and wouldn't sacrafice me to the masses lol...It is MY job to allow loved ones who have crossed over to share their memories, words, and so forth with those here on earth - that THEY can only resonate with. The audience and I had a few laughs about what transpired, and we went back into the feeling of comfort. The support was amazing.  I felt very humbled and blessed. More messages were shared that evening, and more tears of joy, so I know - I did what I was chosen to do. You see - the point is, People who put themselves out there to share these amazing gifts with othes, well - we put ourselves out there for so much ridicule, but to doesnt matter. We are doing it for those who need to hear it..feel it...embrace it. We know to stand in our power, even though we may occassionally be knocked on our ass. We know that it is not our thoughts, emotions, memories that comes through - It is Spirits. The woman in my office, wonderful bright energy - healer. but yet being a healer, I was so set back by the fact that she came in with expectations of WHAT she wanted to hear, and from WHO. Mediumship does not work that way and many are aware of that...especially those who are involved with any type of healing aspect.  Yes, in deed, the joke with me is that my "phone" to Spirit is pretty direct - I still do not have control over Who steps forward during a session or what they feel needs to be presented. Messages can be brought forward to others around you - who may need to hear from a loved one. You are closest to me at the time, so therefore, my vocal cord, your ears, free will. Again, I handled the situation with professionalism. I chose where my energy should go and how it will penetrate me. It didn't. So many times, I have had a person who will continually shake their head, followed by the "no"..I just continue with the information being presented - and maintain the connection...and soooo many times after the fact, I will  get a call, a text or an email that has an apology attached - saying it had "clicked". I typically giggle inside, but that is our little secret.. Lately, unfortunately, I have seen this feeling of entitlement of those reaching out to speak to Spirit...Please, don't. Spirit controls the session, the informaation..not you, not me.....they do. Enter the sessions, whether with me or another Medium - with an open mind and open heart. I have to say - during this week, I asked my husband..WHY do I do this to myself? Why am I putting myself out there to be possibly hammered, I could get a nice office job somewhere..his reply was simple..."think of all the others who were helped by you putting yourself out there...There may be a few bad potatoes in the bag, but it doesn't mean the whole bag is bad." I laughed...and went on to share my light....for the reason it had been shared with me...


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1. Susan said on 3/29/19 - 05:34AM
JodiLynn I just read your post and I have to say it touched me more than you could ever know. You and I met in 2012 and if it wasn’t for you I know I wouldn’t have found me. I’ve been through so many crazy things in my life but when I saw you there was a light that shined so bright from the moment I met you that first time in your tiny office upstairs. Your sessions are real, raw, true, which is how they should be. You are a beautiful soul on this earth, you have tremendous gifts that need to be shared. You changed my life or guided me in ways that I didn’t even understand until now. I love you JodiLynn let your light shine bright my beautiful friend.

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