Hope - 2011 Post JMW : The Journey~ The tales!
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Hope - 2011 Post JMW

by Jodi~Lynn on 02/16/19

So - a few people have asked me.." how is it possible that you see and tell of things that only my passed relative could say..but you cant find out whats wrong with Mike..." I thought i woud take this time to explain this to you briefly.

I can sometimes become one with your loved one, i see through their eyes. I can give you layouts of a house, location of missing paperwork, last breathe and so on and so on...I can travel sometimes with your loved one and tell you what you are doing at that exact moment in time through their eyes..I re-lay messages from them only you would understand. I can be shown medications that you need or dont need...I see burials, clothing, flowers, family secrets...YUP ~ all this sounds like it should be in a book..watch the movie HEREAFTER and you will get the gyst of it.

The blessing is ALL of the above. I am able to send validation and comfort. I am able to help guide you and keep you in track. I am able to let them use my vocal cords and help with closure. I am BLESSED to be able to do any of this WITHOUT A DOUBT...

The curse...it doesnt work for me or anyone i am close too..my family. I can only speak to my guides, who happen to be my grandmothers. I cant speak to my stepfather, grandfathers, friends. I cant use it to help locate health issues, win the lottery..it doesnt work that way, If you are given a gift ~ You are to use it correctly and the way it was meant to be used. Though it may not be of selfish intent...I was given it to help others...unfortunately ~ some people must put it all in the hands of fate. I hope this sheds some light on it...thanks  xoxoxo?

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