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Words of HealingWords of Healing

 "With what I do, there comes an immense amount of responsibility on my part. I want to make you all aware that I do carry with me a Code of Ethics, because I treat what I do with love, respect and honesty for those sitting before me, and for those who have crossed.  I ask that you treat my gift with the same amount of love, respect and honesty as well. I know that in my line of work  ~ I am judged by two things..my accuracy and my ethics~" 

What to expect from a session with Jodi-Lynn

Prior to your session with Jodi-Lynn, she does not ask anything of you. Her attitude is the "less known" the better. As soon as she opens up her communication, information will start to flow. If you are sitting with her for a Mediumship session, we ask that you DO NOT ask questions while in session. She will allow the information to pass through in the form of visions, physical ailments, detailed information such as names, dates. Jodi-Lynn also has the abilities to see through your loved ones eyes ( traveling clairvoyance)...both past and present pertaining to your loved ones - to give you the validation and guidance you seek in knowing your loved ones are still present. Her sessions can also preset you with information to pass along to other family members and friends as well as she cannot control who steps forward at any particular time. She does not analyze any information coming to her, as she acts as merely a vocal cord. It is sometimes said that visions/descriptions do not make entire sense at that second, but it does connect at a later date with the person sitting or other members.
ALL of your sessions are confidential ~ Due to the wide range of matters that can arise from past loved ones, and those sitting before Jodi-Lynn, we want you to be aware that she works with complete professionalism and the utmost respect and confidentiality.
    Please keep in mind that you may be wanting to get confirmation from one particular loved one and actually you get it from another. This happens. It states to Jodi-Lynn that by the other one or another coming through stronger, something is needed to be said, or you need their confirmation and guidance more AT THAT TIME.  Jodi-Lynn cannot place a guarantee that who you want will be the one who comes through. She is merely the eyes and the vocal cord..not a telephone to the heaven's...( though some may feel as if she is.)
Please be advised, that Jodi-Lynn will not read/work with anyone who has been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and will cancel session. No refunds will be given at that time.
Typically in the majority of her readings, she finds herself speaking as a grief counselor in many ways. She has continued to grow with knowledge so she may give you the best advice AND also be able to direct you to organizations which may benefit you or your loved ones to  the additional support they may need. She DOES NOT CLAIM to be a doctor or any other Medical Specialist, and by requesting a reading and/or booking an event, gallery you understand and agree that she is NOT a medical professional, attorney, account or any other licensed professional and does not give legal, medical or any other professional advice. Any information given to you is not to be used in place of such. Reading are intended to offer insight into your personal life.  She will not be held liable for any choices or changes in lieu of such.
    Jodi-Lynn takes utmost respect for this beautiful ability that she has been given and her designation to helps other heal.  She cares deeply for the care and respect of her clients and also the respect of those who have crossed over in the deepest of sincerity.  If she feels in ANY way, there has been neglect on your behalf in regards to respect for her ability; ON ANY LEVEL;  She will dismiss  you as a client. 
It is a well known fact that Jodi-Lynn  rarely "sugar coats " her sessions~ This is her job. She is able to communicate messages to you, as spoken from your loved one. Please keep in mind, your loved ones are trying to get you to live your life on a certain level and peace within and sometimes, we need to hear things in order to make changes. ​Unfortunately, with the tide of change in society, recording of the sessions have become highly discouraged within her field. Jodi-Lynn has seen where the recorded sessions have been able to help LONG after the session has ended...hours, days, months and years. She uses her ability to try to give healing, comfort, validation and guidance to all who see her and sometimes, information is given to you, that may take additional time to "click". Unfortunately, due to the amount of legalities that have been presented to others in this line of work~ Recordings of ANY kind are now prohibited. Please be prepared to take notes, or have someone with you to take them for you, or just to have an additional set of ears. In her sessions, she has been known to "doodle" ( automatic handwriting of Spirit). You will be allowed to take photos of your pages at the end of your session. Your session will be recorded, remaining confidential for her records. You will be asked to sign a waiver in agreement of this and all other policies and procedures.
Sessions booked require a deposit at the time of booking. Phone/Skype/Video sessions which are not answered, will be considered a "no show" and loss of deposit will result unless previous arrangements, as like private sessions, are made within 24 hours.  You have the option of rescheduling your appointment on line as well to avoid loss of your deposit or session fee. We understand that unexpected things happen and sometimes changes need to be made. We will do so accordingly. with that being said, if any session/galleries need to be postponed or cancelled on Jodi-Lynn's behalf, you will be notified immediately by staff of such changes. Please be advised that any/all sessions are considered to be goods and services, and there are no refunds or exchanges.
    NOW to the legal jargon that I have been advised to post: "Before commencing any of Jodi-Lynn's Psychic Medium abilities, by private session/video or phone, Jodi-Lynn asks that have considered all of the above, and agree to hold Certified Psychic Medium Jodi-Lynn, The Mystics Touch and connecting LLC's and organizations, free and harmless and hereby release Certified Psychic Medium Jodi-Lynn, The Mystics Touch and any other LLC's and organizations connecting to there of, free from any claims, demands, suits for damages, for injury or complications whatever and/or negligence that you feel may result from any Spiritual consult, Spiritual healing, Psychic Reading and any other services/products rendered."

"I ask that , as I work on referrals and recommendations, you would be willing to file a testimony on my behalf. ( You may remain anonymous if desired by sending me a Private Message that I will share nameless..".

"I thank you ...for allowing me to share ♥♥♥♥♥"

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