"Hey Jodi :-) That you so much for the reading!! Amazing, everything that you said was 100% on. And ill keep you updated on things :-) Thank you xoxoxo I can't believe that you got the yellow roses!!!"

"HI everyone!! I wanted to let u all know you need to go see jodi . She has done 2 reading for me and she is amazing and has nailed both of them, she will make u a beleiver if you are not! THANK YOU JODI
"Jodi!! great time the other night your reading was at the very least 97%, Man I wish I could be that accurate at anything lol..."

Susan P - "Jodi,  you are amazing and hit the nail on the head in so many different ways. Everything you said either came true or it was something no one else would know. I felt so much better after leaving you. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders...... THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!"

Kattie C - " I dont care if you show my name ...it was a great read...very impressed"

Genevieve " you can show my name! and you know hit it all  on the nail.  You are awesome!!!  Not to mention that Kelly left my house going WTf! WTF! you are right on girl!!!!"

Jody M. - " Everything was very accurate and things nobody would know. You are amazing Jodi!!! Thank You!!"

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I thank you all for your compliments..♥♥♥♥
"Thank you SO MUCH for my reading today - you touched on so many things that I have been feeling/going through, and I feel like a little bit of weight has been lifted."
" Jodi you are the bomb just sayin!!!! luv ya xoxoxo in need of another reading tho"
"I loved my reading and think you have a special gift that gives a unique experience to Tarot readings.I have already been recommending you to my friends who have been wanting a reading but hesitant on going. Told them you are an awesome reader....xox"
"Both readings you did for me are amazing, especially the second one. With no knowledge of any pending situations, the imformation you gave me (which made no sence at the time) have come true!!! I've had the pleasure of being in your company on different spiritual occasions and you are truely gifted and genuine. Truely AMAZING!!! xoxo Karen"
"I asked Jodi to help with a friend who was having problems and felt like she was losing it. An eye opener for me when Jodi told my friend who was there, what was going on and the story behind it all. After verification, it was all true and everything Jodi felt, heard and repeated was the truth. My friend is taking back control. Great job, Jodi"
 There is so much validation -- which was validated more so when my neighbor came over and talked. When she said "nitta hated these floors - she always said they were cold and slippery" - the goosebumps ran thru my body. 
I actually feel a lot more peace now - and my son seems even a bit more at ease. 
I've always been a believer - but, really this takes the cake!!!
"Hello - Yes I was pleased with the reading. I have been to several others in the past and have had both off and on point readings. You were definitely very intuitive and on point. Thank you again. Would definitely follow up with another reading down the road! =)"
~"I am very sincere Jodi...one of my sisters was almost crying when I talked to her of our meeting..that's how much you hit things @ my mother...still trying to process it all.."
~" I know what I want my life to be and affirmation that I am on the right track feels amazing....Thank you Jodi-Lynn"
"You are remarkable - another validation. I was a bit shocked and selfishly disappointment that Mr. B (big Lou) showed... but, he needed to tell Grandma B something. AGAIN - amazingly, you hit so much on the head. From the way he lived and died, the picture in the oval frame, the Hawiaan red flower, and her health. Grandma B had a "reason" why you were able to "say" all. During the reading you kept mentioning a shed with foundation damage. I kept discrediting you saying "she doesn't have a shed". Well, she didn't have a "shed" like you and I know, but (unknown to me) her husband, Mr. B, referred to the storage under the addition as "the shed". Yesterday, I kept hearing your words about the shed and I was amazed with goosebumps - when I went to Grandma's and she was upset as she showed me the structural damage that her contractor came across while he was about to install a new door . The rotten structure and crumbling foundation was EXACTLY how you described it to me last month. As I looked around -- this storage was used as one would use a shed (storing yard stuff, etc)." ~ JMK
"cant wait for my next one xoxxx" 
she did my reading, all 800 miles away from each other, withOUT any interaction/​prompting from me at all!! I was VERY impressed! She was right on!!!! AMAZED at how detailed & accurate she was!! There was no way she couldve known the things she stated in the reading!! Very comforting knowing my loved ones who passed are not so far away after all!!
I just got a reading from Jodi, and I was stunned to hear the things she said.......I'm having a hard time putting into words how AMAZING she is with this mystic ability she has. Get a reading from Jodi-----you will truly be glad you did. 
Thanks again for the reading you gave me, it was absolutely amazing, even at a distance of 1250 miles.... VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
 I'm still thinking @ our conversation..Whew...blew me away!! ♥"
"I want to thank you again Jodi. Everyday more and more of what you told me reveals itself. I am amazed at your gift and awed by your accuracy. ♥"

" I  have a webcast known as paranalysis, im the founder of oracle paranormal research society. and on the show the topic was brought up about card readings and physic involvement now im not a physic but my equipment is is my most famous quote but im not an armchair skeptic, i will try anything and do my best to debunk rebunk and try to figure things out...well to satisfy the curiosity of the fans i went and had my cards read by a good friend i have known sense dinosaurs roamed the earth..Jodi-Lynn Marie Lund. this was my first encounter with this end of the paranormal so you can say i was quite skeptical at first but the reading was amazing! id have to say the validated issues were about 87% accurate which amazed me. the next reading was even more incredible...like in the 97% range and my 3 reading was even more incredible...she saw a water leak and told me to check my plumbing in my home and not even a week later i had called her to let her know that my hot water tank burst and i had water all over my garage floor, and of course she asked if i checked my plumbing like she told me to...no of course not, looking back probably should have...i will never doubt her again!!! this is just one of the many stories i have from my encounters, i will review more in depth when i fire up the o.p.r.s. machine again. Jodi I'm listening now lol the stories i have are amazing idk how she does it but whatever she is doing a reading with her will surely amaze you and if it doesn't you can bitch me out but im quite positive that it wont be the case. trust me i very rarely put my name on these things but in my opinion she is very legit and i will go to her again and again. thank you Jodi" ~ Greg Best, Founder

"So I had a lil impromptu reading with Jodi today. She confirmed that the person talking to my daughter is my grandfather. ( I had been a lil worried ) One of the funnier things she said was that my grandfather used to complain whenever it was time to cut a turkey, that there was never a sharp enough knife. He passed when I was 2 so I had to ask Grandma. Sure enough..he complained everytime! Jodi also mentioned the color of the kitchen back then, and she also nailed his personality to a T. She talked about a particular suit he wore , I had never seen a pic of him in, but G"ma said he wore it for a friends wedding about 152 yrs ago:)
OH and the other thing. Jodi INSISTED that there was something going on with the stone wall in my yard, stones being pushed out, kind of making it fall. I assured her that I dont have a stone wall. She said, ask your husband. I said, Jodi, I know my own propertry! there is no wall. Well. I got home and saw that the flower bed that runs along the side of my shed is made of, yes..stones. and while I was out, my husband had destroyed part of it.
I am a picky scrutinizing bitch. I never think a reader is good enough. Well folks, Meet Jodi:)"
"how amazing you are ~ You made all my dreams come true in a half hour that's all I ever wanted in 11 years just one more chance thank you so so much!!!!! So I want the testimonial to be perfect!"

​​"THIS IS JUST CRAZY!! as I am getting ready to post back to u Brysen comes to me the toys he got in the store and wants me to cut the tags off of toys and they are folded behind the toys!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! EVERYONE SHOULD COME AND SEE YOU FOR A READING, U DID THIS OVER THE PC AND IM IN NC, YOUR GREAT! WHEN I GET A CHANCE TO COME HOME I'M COMING TO SEE YOU FIRST! XOXOXOX"

From T.M. -I have to say I agree with Greg. You recommended Jodi as a reader and I have since sat with her twice. Today the girl pretty much blew my mind. She told me to be careful with knives that I have a habit of not holding them right when trying to cut things, to be careful or Im going to cut my finger. Well I did exactly just that when I was 13 years old and I showed her the scar on my finger. Creeped me out because that just came up out of nowhere! Jodi's an awesome woman with an amazing gift! I have recommended her to my family and friends also. Just adding my 2 cents in, lol =D Thanks miss Jodi ♥
"We just had Jodi come and go through our house. We learned so much from her visit!! It really explained things that we had noticed in the 23 years we have been living in this old house. Jodi's abilitiy to connect and "tell the story" was incredible. Watching her work and being a part of the whole process was exciting. We have validated some things and are working at getting information from old documents to validate more of the reading. We are also making positive changes in the house as a result of the communications of the visit. Jodi shares her gift with such an open heart and with great humor. It was an unforgettable experience. I am looking forward to doing more work with Jodi."
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