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    Jodi-Lynn was given this wonderful gift to share with those who have suffered a loss, the comfort and validation from those who have already crossed over. . It seems that when people sit before her, they are typically at an "end of their rope" stage or cannot make a choice pertaining to their life and how things are going, what's missing and how can they better their lives in one way or another. Some are seeking answers, closure and others are seeking approval.

     No matter what the circumstance is; She sees it as her job to give you the information to the best of her ability to help you get clarity and comfort. you are seeking. She is not here to tell you what to do, just merely gives you the information as she receives it, and the choice is ultimately yours.

       "Like Hospice is for us, they are there to help make our loved one comfortable as they leave and they also help us who are left behind accept the situation. This is what I do only reversed; somewhat like "Spiritual Hospice" in a way. They allow me to help you deal with what's going on and see it in a clearer light. With the help from the loved ones you have lost, whether known in this physical realm or not, they tell you what to pay attention to and give you a chance to make the changes needed in your life. I am NOT a "Fortune Teller", but a guidance counselor of sorts. ". 

Jodi-Lynn has been blessed with a wide, and unique range of gifts that she utilizes with her clients -

All information received by the medium is received mentally (think of it as mental telepathy). In other words, if you visit a medium to connect with your departed grandmother, the medium is not seeing your grandmother sitting next to her. The medium will see a vision of your grandmother in her minds eye - like watching a little movie inside of her head.  Some of her abilities include:

Clairaudience - hearing 
Clairvoyance - seeing
Claircognizance - knowing
Clairsentience - feelings
Medical Intuitive - A medical intuitive uses their intuition to read your energy (also known as the aura) and receive intuitive impressions about what is going on in your body.
Some people see a medical intuitive when they are unable to obtain a medical diagnosis from traditional methods. We would not recommend seeing a medical intuitive in place of a traditional physician, as they cannot legally diagnose, treat, etc etc ..
The interesting thing about medicalis that they can often tell you what the root cause of your physical ailment is. For example, the intuitive may be able to tell you if there is an underlying emotional issue that is causing you to feel physically ill.  
Conduit - In a deep trance, She has no awareness of what took place during the channeling session – she is merely a conduit and lets the information from the spirit flow through her. ""Talking to those in spirit is a form of channeling. You can be totally aware and conscious to do this - you do not have to be in a trance (which is a different, much higher level of channeling)."
Remote Viewer - Jodi-Lynn finds herself "traveling" frequently when in a session. She has the ability to "see" through another's eyes and frequently finds herself seeing things as "they"do - either as a memory or to validate they are still around in your life.

Jodi-Lynn is very honored to have been recognized and her abilities tested for a wonderful organization created mainly to help those in bereavement.  

"It has been established that evidential readings, or sittings as they are also called, can provide a therapeutic benefit to bereaved persons. Conversely, poor-quality readings with lesser mediums or fraudulent persons can derail the healing process for the bereaved. This program is committed to identifying high-caliber mediums capable of furnishing specific, accurate, and pertinent information to sitters." ~ Mark Ireland  

     "I am a local town girl, just a mom who feels blessed that I was given this great insight, and many gifts . I love the feeling of helping others. These experiences have opened my soul in many ways. There is no better feeling than to be able to give someone the comfort and validation they are seeking in what may seem to be their darkest days. Thank you for checking out my site...♥♥♥"
"she did my reading, all 800 miles away from each other, without any interaction/prompting from me at all!! I was VERY impressed! She was right on!!!! AMAZED at how detailed & accurate she was!! There was no way she could have known the things she stated in the reading!! Very comforting knowing my loved ones who passed are not so far away after all!!" ~Kathy 12/2011
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