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*Do you and a few of your friends need to learn to relax and meditate??? Book a night with us and it will be a fun, yet educational night...Limit is 8
​Cost is 20.00 per person..($10.00 of which will be donated towards purchases for our collection for local animal shelters.) Please visit our Store front for deposit information.

Mediumship/Psychic Intuitive Reading - This is a 3 way reading. It allows Jodi-Lynn to work as a vocal cord along with  your loved ones who have crossed over to help bring about peace, comfort and validation you seek. The Psychic Intuitive ability is then added into your reading to help guide you, and add a bit of insight of what is present in your life now and what may lie ahead in addition to healing old emotional or spiritual wounds you may carry. Each session is very in depth and can at times become intense with the amount of information that may come forth."My clients have lovingly named this read - "Jodi's Spiritual Butt-Kicking" . You have the choice of 30 minutes or one hour sessions. ( service is also offered via phone). Some say this type of session is like having "psychic surgery". It will leave you feeling empowered and with clarity. Jodi-Lynn works with your spirit guides, loved ones and angels and may incorporate her spiritual coaching as well. (30 minute session $75.00-Deposit required)

Psychic Intuitive Readings: These sessions are offered to those who are in need of Jodi-Lynn's gift
of vision. She will give you insight in regards to current situations, past emotional blocks, choices- past, present & future. She has been known to pick up on ailments, diagnosis and at times, known to have used her light to remove or lessen pain and illness in some. This type of session is also typically called upon when one feels distraught and needs guidance in removal of negative emotions one may carry or be inflicted by. ( *this does not in ANY way replace the advice and treatment of a medical doctor in ANY way.)  (30 minutes session $65.00- Deposit Required)

*Be sure to visit our STORE FRONT  for purchases of your phone reads, merchandise, Gift Certificates and much more..
                                    All sales are Final ~
*​Tarot~ Sometimes you are just in need of a "tune up"..as  she calls it to find out what is going on in your life now and what may lie ahead. Great for first timers and those who return often and love the work of the cards as divination. Jodi-Lynn also offers this type of service via phone as well. This type of session is ALWAYS more than the typical Tarot session you may used too~ (30 min session $55.00- Deposit Required
Spirit Communication/Mediumship
1/2 Hour of Healing

Ever wonder what it is like to communicate with loved ones lost? Jodi-Lynn is blessed with the ability to make this happen for you. She offers this service to many and has worked alongside many in the hospice, bereavement community and thousands in our area and out of state to help many receive the comfort, validation and healing powers of our loved ones. A session will give your loved ones a chance to communicate and express their messages through Jodi-Lynn to you. Knowing that your family members, friends or relatives are continuing their journey in spirit can bring immense comfort and healing. These sessions can be booked individually or in small groups. Individual sessions 30 mins $90.00

 Pet Communication
Jodi-Lynn knows how important it is to receive the power of healing when it comes to our lost "fur babies" just as much.  She has helped many grieving "parents" over the years and now offers this service to all. This service is also available via phone.
30 minutes session $75.00 ( Deposit required)

* Private In House Gallery ~  Your family and friends are welcome to come to our location for a Private evening with Jodi-Lynn. She will go from person to person in an open forum and pass messages of validation, comfort and guidance to each of you. Please keep in mind there is not a  guarantee who will present themselves to the person she is reading, NOR is the amount of time they wish to communicate for. Please contact us if additional information is needed or you would like to book this type of event. A deposit is required and is based on 8 people minimum. **
* Events ~ Jodi-Lynn has been invited to do many numerous events through out RI, CT and MA as well as Web galleries Internationally She has been involved in many fundraisers, lectures and more- Each a heartwarming & healing experience.
** Gallery event at the Hearthside House, RI, photoccbcc
Gift Certificates available to purchase- Click on Book Now Link