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 With what I do, there comes an immense amount of responsibility on my part. I want to make you all aware that I do carry with me a Code of Ethics, because I treat what I do with love, respect and honesty for those sitting before me, and for those who have crossed.  I ask that you treat my gift with the same amount of love, respect and honesty as well. I know that in my line of work  ~ i am judged by 2 things..accuracy and ethics~

ALL of my reads are TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL ~ Due to the wide range of matters that can arise from past loved ones, those sitting before me and those yet to be discovered, I want you to be aware that I read with complete professionalism and the utmost respect.

Please keep in mind that you may be wanting to get confirmation from one particular loved one and actually you get it from another. This happens. It tells me that by the other one or another coming through stronger, something is needed to be said, or you need their confirmation and guidance more AT THAT TIME. I place no guarantee that who you want will be the one who comes through. I am merely the eyes and the vocal cord..not a telephone to the heaven's...( though some may feel as if I am.)

Please be advised, that I will not read/work with anyone who has been under the influence of alcohol.  Not that this hinders my ability to read you, however, out of respect it is not appreciated. Communication with Spirit drains my energy and it is not taken lightly. 

I will NOT advise you to bring a picture, a piece of jewelry or anything else BELONGING to the loved one who has crossed.  I am there to read YOU..FOR YOU..THROUGH your energies and loved ones.

I DO advice my clients to record their readings. However, be prepared to sign a waiver pertaining to so. In this day and age - Believe it or not, people are actually trying to hold people like me responsible for poor choices that they make at times.. If you are taking notes, you are not listening to what I am saying. So feel free..recordings/notes are great because of the fact sometimes I will bring someone or something to your attention and it makes NO SENSE at the time...until you later speak to other family members, look at photos or basically give it time. Please be advised however, you WILL be asked to sign a waiver beforehand. The reason for this is for protection of you and I both. There have been many accounts of Mediums and Psychics being threatened with law suits because what was discussed, did not come to pass. ( I know, UNREAL - but yes, we are now being advised to do so.)

In the majority of my readings, I find myself speaking as a grief counselor in many ways. I promise that I will always continue to grow with knowledge so I may give you the best advice AND also be able to direct you to the additional help you may need. I DO NOT CLAIM to be a doctor or any other Medical Specialist, and by requesting a reading and/or booking an event, gallery you understand and agree that I am NOT a medical professional, attorney,account or any other licensed professional and can not give legal, medical or any other professional advice. Any information given to you is not to be used in place of such. Reading are intended to offer insight into your personal life.  I will not be held liable for any choices or changes in lieu of such.

I take my Professionalism highly, the care and respect of my clients and also the respect of those who have crossed in the deepest of sincerity.  If I feel in ANY way, there has been neglect on your behalf in regards to respect; ON ANY LEVEL; I will actually dismiss  you as a client and WILL not waste OUR energy or OUR time for ignorance.

It is a well known fact that I rarely "sugar coat " my readings ~ This is my job. If you are getting in trouble for something you did, didn't do or refuse to do, the messages will come across JUST as they are being said to me.  Please DO NOT come to me with hopes I will tell you "so and so will pass away~".. In my opinion, this is NOT what the gift is for. That would be messing with fate, as we are all here to learn. 

Please be advised if the loved one coming through is NOT the one you expected, rest assured, they  have something to point out. There would be no reason to become annoyed as I have no control over who steps forward and who doesn't.

I ask that , as I work on referrals and recommendations, you would be willing to file a testimony on my behalf. ( You may remain anonymous if desired by sending me a Private Message that I will share nameless...

I thank you ...for allowing me to share ♥♥♥♥♥