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Please register for events by following the
face book link or call 401-996-6343
~ Thank You​

6/3 10am-4pm Reiki Certification- Level II: 
6/5  @ 7pm Reiki Share Night w/ Marge Tudino FREE
6/7 7pm Meditation Night
6/9 " Kisses from Heaven" Gallery Event
6/10 10am-4pm Reiki Certification Level I

7/10 @7pm Reiki Share Night w/Marge Tudino FREE

* Deposits are non-refundable. You will be contacted by administrator if postponement/cancellations/changes in scheduling arise.
*  50% of all our proceeds from certain classes/workshops go towards local animal shelters & rescues. Please visit our Sheba's Sweeties page for information. Sheba's Sweeties was a page started to share information about missing pets/education and those looking for forever homes. Feel free to visit the page & post.
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